The hotel is open since 23 December 2018

In the grandiose ridges of the Carpathian Mountains, every year, the Icicles Palace of Romania, the Hotel of Ice, revives. In a storyline, hundreds of guests cross the threshold and find themselves at high heights, tranquility above the world. Let yourself be carried away by the white magic of this special place, building new memories and unforgettable experiences with your loved ones.

Hotel of ice

Since 2005, in the heart of the Fagaras Mountains, is built yearly the most distinguished hotel of Romania, the Hotel of Ice. The hotel is built entirely of snow and ice blocks that are extracted from the largest glacial lake of the Fagaras Mountains, Balea Lac. Ice blocks reach 70 centimeters in height and weigh almost 70 pounds. In less than a month the ice artists manage to raise a home for winter lovers, their work being rewarded by over 8,000 annual guests.


Frozen Love - the most suitable souvenir that, through its strong essence, translates the olfactory senses into a journey through the massif of the Fagaras Mountains, sculpting the fresh smell of nature. The bottles are addressed to both men and women and provide a true adventure for the senses. The one addressed to the ladies contains a seductive note of freesia and lily, and the gentleman's note has a more spicy, spicy, masculine note.


At us, at the top of the Fagaras Mountains, at over 2000m altitude, you will find the largest snow cover for the longest period of the year. If you are eager to have fun and adventure with friends, we expect Winterpark with Snowmobile, Rafting and Tubing!

A world of ice

The Hotel of Ice in Fagaras Mountains is a challenge, a thought born from the desire to bring something new to Romanian tourism. Combine adventure and fun, with the latest existing tourism promotion concepts.

Hotel of Ice

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Hotel of Ice


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