Being closer to god in the Ice Church


The 2006/07 motto „Religious Tourism“ led us to build the first Ice Church at Balea Lake in November 2006. The ecumenic church is open to believers of every confession.


The most extraordinary church of Romania. The first step of every year´s building of the Ice Church represents the sanctifying of Balea Lac´s water. This ceremony is hold by the representatives of the orthodox, romano-ratholic and evangelic churches – the regions most important confessions. The unique Ice Church measures about 4 meters high and its architecture is based on an old church located in Malancrav, Sibiu County. In a short time the little Church became famous among tourists, regardless their religious orientation.


Religious services. In the five years of existence a series of religious services were held in the Ice Church by representatives of different Christian confessions. In the same period, two religious weddings and three baptisms took place in this Lord´s house at Balea Lac. This season two couples already booked their stay in the Hotel of Ice to celebrate their wedding with us.


Religious ceremonies


  • Sanctification of Balea Lake
  • Sanctification of the Ice Church
  • Orthodox Service
  • Catholic Service
  • Weddings
  • Baptisms


Mandatory papers for religious services


  • Wedding: civil marriage certificate, birth certificate and other papers required by the own religious cult
  • Baptism: child´s birth certificate
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