Hotel of Ice – The Winter adventure

on top of the Romanian Carpathians


The Hotel of Ice in the Romanian Carpathians – a challenge, a thought born from the desire to bring something new to Romanian tourism, something that combines adventure and fun with the latest concepts of tourism promotion.


Season 2016/17 starts on December 20th. The grand opening of the 10th season of Romania´s unique Hotel of Ice will take place on December 25th, 2014. We welcome everybody to visit Balea Lac anytime – it’s worth a visit also in the warm season – but in winter you will be overwhelmed by the stunning scenery of the snow covered peaks around the Hotel of Ice placed on the frozen surface of the glacial lake. This season´s motto is Europe” which will be mirrored in all of our events, but also in the rooms design. Check availability and book a room.


At first glance an unbelievable idea. To many people it seemed to be a crazy idea that was encountered with a lot of skepticism and mistrust. They would not have believed that there is someone ambitious enough to use the nature for its own advantage, to transform it without destroying it – what eventually led to the Hotel of Ice, the unique winter attraction in Eastern Europe.


Built from ice from a glacial lake. Since 2005 every winter the Hotel of Ice in the Fagaras Mountains is rebuilt, namely from the materials offered by nature: huge blocks of ice, cut and removed directly from the glacial Lake Balea are used to raise the walls, the snow gathered across the mountain slopes, is used for fixing the ice bricks and for finishing the walls.


Every year brings a new story from the Hotel of Ice. Each season another new structure is added and tells a new story. The story is transposed in the architecture and design of the rooms, the Ice Bar and the Ice Restaurant but also in the special events organized for our guests.


Places of silence. Beside of sleeping in the hotel we offer more private places in a complex of igloos built near the hotel. The beautiful Ice Church is opened from the middle of January for those who desire a moment of silence or for those who want to celebrate an unconventional wedding.


And there is plenty of fun. This winter season, our Winter Park will offer a series of activities such as skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, sleighing and ice skating. There are a lot of organized fun games with prizes, like snowballs fights, the biggest snow man, ice bowling.

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