Since 2005, in the heart of the Făgăraş Mountains, is built yearly, the most distinguished hotel of Romania, the Ice Hotel. After months of planning, the Ice Hotel is built by the skilled craftsmen from Mureş County, who can be nicknamed ice-makers. The hotel is fully snow-covered and the ice blocks extracted from the largest glacier lake of the Fagaras Mountains, Bâlea Lake. So, in order to be lasting, the craftsmen use ice blocks that reach the size of 70 centimeters and weigh almost 70 pounds. But the working conditions are harsh and hard to endure. Temperatures are often below zero degrees and viscole is the most worthy enemy to which the builders are able to handle. In this northern atmosphere a new hotel is born every year, from materials offered only by nature. In less than a month, ice artists manage to raise a home for winter lovers, and their work is rewarded by visiting tourists, with over 8,000 guests annually. The Ice Hotel is the result of months of planning and work culminating in a unique hotel, resilient for a short period of the year, but that leaves amazing rewards for both founders and guests. Each year here you will find a new theme that will make your experience even more spectacular. The themes are transposed and brought to life by the ideas and creativity of the sculptors, who manage to transform the Ice Hotel into a unique one.

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